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Your Consultant is  Colleen Hunt

My Story

I Love Scentsy! I've been a Scentsy Constultant since 2010!

Growing up, my grandpa and uncle were both firefighters, so we were never allowed to have candles in the house, except for holidays, and they never burned longer than dinner lasted! I remember always being told that candles were the number one cause of house fires.

I loved having the smell of candles in my own house, but I figured having jar candles were safer; until I had a glass jar candle burst! I had glass and wax everywhere, and luckily nothing caught on fire. That was many years ago. At that point I got rid of all the candles in the house! 

I found out about Scentsy in the fall of 2008, and I was so excited to find a way to have the smell of candles in my home with out the fear of an open flame! I now have all the wonderful scents of candles without the hazard of fire, smoke, soot, and lead. I love the variety of the 80+ scents, how long the scent lasts, and all the beautiful styles of warmers! 
After being a dedicated customer for two years, in 2010, I decided I had to sign up!

I am very proud to be a part of such a great company that has such great products and many new things are on the horizon. And, now that we have launched into the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, France, and Ireland and other countries, that many more people will have great opportunities, and wonderful products!

Join My Team now for only $99!

I love Scentsy! and I know you will too!

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